The MULTIMEDIA POLSKA Group deployed a pioneer solution on the Polish telecommunications market. [case study]

At the end of 2017, Multimedia Polska, the third largest telecommunications operator in Poland, implemented as one of the first in the country the ARRIS solution, which paves the way to provide services in the DOCSIS 3.1 standard. The modernization of infrastructure carried out by VECTOR TECH SOLUTIONS prepared the Multimedia network for increasing the Internet access packages.

Operator profile

Multimedia Polska is a leading nationwide cable and telecommunications operator providing services to individual and business customers. The operator offers its subscribers digital television with video on demand (VoD), broadband fixed and mobile Internet, as well as fixed and mobile telephony services. It is also the first Polish supplier of the tripleplay package, connecting TV, internet and telephone.

At the end of 2017, Multimedia Polska services used a total of approximately 753K clients, of which approx. 314K use two services (from television, internet, telephone and others), and about 119K are tripleplay subscribers (three or more services in total). At the end of 2017, the Multimedia Polska Group provided approximately 1.75 million services.

The challenge: increasing demand for bandwidth

Due to the growing demand for higher bandwidth among the subscribers using Multimedia Polska services, the operator decided to improve its infrastructure, which will enable the provision of faster internet access packages.

The VECTOR TECH SOLUTIONS solution will respond to market needs

The implementation completed in January 2018 was part of a larger pilot project that began in the second half of 2017. The operator focused on the CMTS ARRIS E6000 Gen-2 solution. The project involved a complete replacement of the previously used CMTS with a new one that recently had its world premiere.

At present, we can proudly say that one of the first implementations of the ARRIS E6000 Gen-2 in Poland, and one of the first in the world, was a success. The solution chosen by Multimedia Polska and implemented by us guarantees the long-term business effectiveness to the operator thanks to the optimal use of state-of-the-art solutions – says Marcin Ułasik, CTO at VECTOR TECH SOLUTIONS.

The operators need forward-looking solutions that will allow them to meet the growing demands concerning the bandwidth and the performance of infrastructure. ARRIS E6000 Gen-2 is a device that not only allows the operators to increase the capacity of HFC networks, but also to achieve savings on the cost side, while providing the opportunity to deliver modern broadband and video services. ARRIS E6000 Gen-2 compared to Gen-1 and competition solutions, significantly increases the number of service groups and associated channels, while saving space in the rack.

This update significantly increases the efficiency of the leading E6000 CER, thus meeting the growing demand for the transmission of content that requires high bandwidth – emphasizes Marcin Ułasik, CTO at VECTOR TECH SOLUTIONS.

The new generation of the ARRIS modules is targeted primarily at large and medium-sized operators who think prospectively about developing their business, as Multimedia Polska does, as well as those for whom optimization of space in headends is an important issue – points out Rafał Słoniewski, Solution Manager – DOCSIS Access Networks at VECTOR TECH SOLUTIONS.

Multimedia Polska has always focused on modern solutions and technologies to meet our ambitious goals. I am convinced that our solutions will allow us to effectively respond to the constantly growing market requirements – says Jacek Głaz, Director of the Network Planning Department at Multimedia Polska.

What has Multimedia Polska gained by opting for implementation with VECTOR TECH SOLUTIONS?

  • Access to a range of functionalities offered by Gen-2 cards dedicated to the ARRIS E6000 platform,
  • More data capacity packed into the same portion of spectrum
  • Readiness to work in DOCSIS 3.1 technology.

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