ARRIS CHP Max CORWave Dual Density

CHP CORWave® D1-Dual Density 1.2 GHz O-Band Multiwavelength Forward Path Transmitters

ARRIS CHP Max CORWave Dual Density
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ARRIS CHP Max CORWave Dual Density
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For cable operators looking to reduce CAPEX by decreasing footprint in their headends , collapse OTNs/hubs, or save on powering, the CHP CORWave ® Dual Density (CHP CORWave D1) 1.2 GHz multiwavelength forward transmitter provides an immediate 50% decrease in the number of physical devices needed for forward path transmission and some of the lowest power consumption among comparable forward transmitters in the industry. The CHP CORWave D1, with 2 lasers in a single wide application module, increases revenue by allowing other application modules to be added for new capacity and new services without increasing the current footprint. It is available in a power conserving, single density option (CHP CORWave S1) consisting of a single laser in a single wide application module, for use where physical footprint is not considered an issue.
The CORWave multiwavelength plan allows fiber reclamation and leverages the existing fiber infrastructure for up to 4 multiplexed O Band wavelengths and up to 30 km reach over one fiber.

Reduce Complexity and Headend Space Needs The CHP CORWave ® D1 is optimized for both analog and digital channel loading and is available in fixed and variable outputs with front and rear fiber connections. Extended linearization models are designed for better distortion performance in Celenec loading applications. It is backwards compatible with all current and legacy CHP chassis. Two wavelengths in one single wide application module simplify operations, provide less headend ‘plumbing,’ and provide easier module management.

Add Value To Existing Assets

A large installed base of the CHP Max Headend Optics Platform allows cable operators to add value to their headends with the addition of the CHP CORWave D1 for new, revenue generating services and reduced complexity. The CHP CORWave D1 can be monitored by the CORView ™ Element Management System which provides an intuitive and user friendly interface for security,
discovery, configuration, and inventory functions. Internal Electronic Slope Adjustment has been added to these models to compensate for headend combining and cable loss at high frequency, especially when loading moves to 1.2 GHz.

  • Two lasers in a single-wide application module reduce footprint needed for forward path transmission by 50%, freeing up space for new capacity additions
  • Among the lowest power consumption in the industry (15W per dual density transmitter)
  • Single Density option (7.5W per single density transmitter)
  • 4 O-Band wavelengths (starting at 1291 nm) and 30 km reach, optimized for both analog and digital channel loading*
  • Front or rear fiber connections
  • Fixed or variable output powers
  • CORWave multi-wavelength plan allows fiber reclamation, leverages the existing fiber infrastructure and allows analog forward, reverse and GbE based data services to be multiplexed on limited fiber counts
  • CORView Element Management System
  • Compliments all CHP Max application modules and CHP Max5000® components


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