ARRIS Digital Return Path Receivers

CHP-D2RRX Digital Return Path Receivers - 2 Optical Inputs 2 or 4 RF Outputs

ARRIS Digital Return Path Receivers
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ARRIS Digital Return Path Receivers
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Reduce CAPEX, OPEX, and System Complexity

Next-generation networks are about getting more prots owing through the pipe and maximizing existing plant infrastructure. To get there, cable operators may have to rethink their network infrastructure in order to support advanced two-way services such as video-on-demand, high speed data, and VoIP.

ARRIS digital solutions for the return path provide longer reach, better performance, and reduced complexity in the network, yet leverage existing assets to provide advanced triple play services. Optical links can be extended up to 100 km without EDFAs, reducing CAPEX and system complexity. The CHP D2RRX digital return path receiver doubles the density, supporting 2 optical inputs and 2 or 4 RF outputs. The CHP D2RRX allows future remote segmentation of Opti Max™ nodes in the field through the CORView Element Management System (EMS) without a truck roll. Nodes congured in the eld as 2x2 can be toggled between 4x1 or 2x2 and nodes that are congured for 4x4 segmentation can be toggled between 2x2 and 4x4 without truck roll or pulling new fiber.

If monitoring of the outside plant is desired, the CHP D2RRX supports remote monitoring of Opti Max™ and Trans Max™ products equipped with digital return (5-65/85 MHz currently) through the CORView EMS. The CHP D2RRX solution also supports service group aggregation, a cost-effective way to selectively supply service groups with triple play services while conserving fiber and/ or optical bandwidth and headend components for other applications.

Add Value to Existing Assets

The CHP digital return receiver supports return path options such as CWDM, DWDM, 1310, and 1550nm. Together with the Opti Max node, digital return transceivers, and pluggable SFPs, they easily replace existing analog components, preserving spent capital.

  • Optical links up to 100km without EDFAs
  • Digital technology for simplied operation
    –  Ease of setup with digital technology, no need to ne tune optical inputs with plug in optical pads
  • User friendly installation and control with CORView™ Element Management System (EMS) through the CHP System Management Module (SMM)

The CHP D2RRX is available with either 2 or 4 RF output ports, making it the highest density system with up to 40 RF ports per 2RU chassis and up to 800 RF ports per 40 RU rack.

A software command through CORView EMS supports the remote segmentation of Opti Max™ nodes equipped with digital transmitters that are congured for 2×2 or 4×4 to toggle to 1×4 or 4×4 segmentation without need of a truck roll requires second 2:1 digital processor in the node.

Supports optional remote monitoring through CORView EMS of Opti Max™/Trans Max™ products equipped with digital return capability

  • 2 x 42, 2 x 65 and 1 x 85 MHz bandwidth capability
  • Front ƒFiber access, (CHP D2RRX) front-panel RF testpoint for convenient monitoring
  • RF output level adjustment per channel via CORView Lite through the System Management module
  • Downloadable Firmware for module upgrades
  • CHP D2RRX provides continued segmentation without the need to roll a truck or pull new ƒfiber


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