DKTCOMEGA PS3B-10A


                DKTCOMEGA PS3B-10A
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                DKTCOMEGA PS3B-10A
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                Opis produktu DKTCOMEGA PS3B-10A

                With the DKTCOMEGA PS3B-10A we have focused on designing the most compact and flexible 2-way splitter/directional coupler on the market, which suits applications in Europe using street cabinets and underground cables.
                The compact size makes installation in even small street cabinets possible.

                The electrical performance is according to CENELEC’s highest standards just as the other DKTCOMEGA products. The springload terminals allow consistent installation of high quality every time, and even faster than before, without opening the unit. Simplified installation makes installer training easier.

                PS3B-10A exists in two versions - a flexible and a fixed - to give the most flexible choice for the specific network setup
                and to save inventory costs. Additionally, the PS3B-10A platform can be used as power inserter through insertion of bridge plug-in modules.

                • High Screening, Class A
                • AC ports selectable, removable fuses
                • Efficient installation and maintenance with special design and PIM functionality decreasing OPEX
                • 10A Power passing

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