Moduł GPON HUAWEI H901OGHK

                Moduł liniowy P2P Ethernet 48*FE/GE (CSFP) lub 24*FE/GE (SFP)

                Moduł GPON HUAWEI H901OGHK
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                Moduł GPON HUAWEI H901OGHK
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                Opis produktu Moduł GPON HUAWEI H901OGHK

                High density:
                Provides 24/48-channel P2P access,
                supporting powerful convergence capabilities and simplifying networks

                Intelligent management channel
                Shaping in inbound and outbound management, providing highquality data and video services
                9K jumbo frames, greatly improving transmission efficiency

                High-precision time and clock synchronization
                SyncE, implementing high-precision Ethernet clock synchronization

                High reliability
                Inter-board link aggregation
                Intra-board link aggregation
                MSTP ring network protection
                Protection group

                External Interfaces
                48*FE/GE (CSFP interface) or 24*FE/GE (SFP interface)

                Specyfikacja techniczna

                Ilość portów 48

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