Verimatrix VCAS

Content and Revenue Security for Multi-Network, Multi-Screen Video Services

Verimatrix VCAS
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Verimatrix VCAS
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The Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS™) provides the tools and support digital TV operators require in order to address the new opportunities arising from the accelerating convergence of video delivery over various types of networks - whether managed or unmanaged - to a multitude of devices. This convergence must encompass a proactive revenue protection and enhancement approach that enables service operators to cast a much wider net with their service offerings. As a consequence, the central value proposition for the pay-TV enterprise shifts beyond that of traditional, single network content protection alone, towards the broader perspective of multi-network revenue security. Verimatrix helps operators turn these challenges into opportunities for growth by:

  • Extending the operator brand and subscriber relationship beyond the living room.
  • Addressing the competitive impact and opportunities of OTT and mobile video.
  • Providing personalized choices and viewing models across all client devices.
  • Enabling content monetization spanning multiple networks and geographies.
  • Assuring subscriber loyalty, enhanced average revenue per user (ARPU), and new revenue streams via self-management services, innovative online applications, etc
  • Operator Management Interface (OMI) – The core administrative component of VCAS to address multiple pay-TV networks and device types through a single security authority. It provides the common management interface and entitlement database that harmonizes all VCAS solutions, featuring APIs to manage entitlements, messages, devices, content and configurations. Uniquely, OMI features domain-based entitlement management across VCAS and third-party DRMs (VCAS Super Domains), enforcing domain size or explicit device membership rules. Specifically, when content is entitled to a domain (as opposed to a device), it is automatically available to all the domain’s devices, whether IPTV, DVB, HLS or third-party DRM clients managed under the MultiRights framework.
  • Content Security Manager (CSM) – Head-end component for managed IPTV and IP hybrid networks to manage authentication, key distribution and user control.
  • Broadcast Content Security Manager (BCSM) and EncryptionEngine™– Head-end components for one-way DVB networks, incorporating DVB Simulcrypt compatible ECM and EMM generation.
  • Verimatrix SI Server – DVB server feeding Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data to DVB STBs.
  • Adaptive CSM (ACSM) and Adaptive MPEG-DASH – Head-end components for networks implementing HLS and MPEG-DASH adaptive rate streaming protocols for over-the-top (OTT) video services. These components manage authentication, key distribution and user control.
  • MultiRights™ – The MultiRights framework is an enabler of the single content authority for multi-network and multi-DRM support, including PlayReady and Marlin DRMs. It provides harmonized device and service management, and subscribers enjoy transparent usage rights management.
  • Broadcast Encryption Manager (BEM): Three optional components for linear content encryption:
  • Real-Time Encryption System (RTES) –128-bit AES or RC4 multicast stream encryption.
  • MultiCAS™/IP – An alternative to RTES, MultiCAS™/IP generates ECMs in conjunction with third-party, high-performance IP streamers supporting DVB Simulcrypt for IPTV networks.
  •  MultiCAS™/DVB– DVB Simulcrypt compliant ECM generation for DVB hybrid networks.
  • VOD Encryption Manager (VEM) – Supports manual or automated offline workflow, with faster than realtime AES-128 encryption of VOD assets, in conjunction with middleware and VOD servers.
  • ViewRight® STB for IPTV/Hybrid – A robust package of embedded code that implements VCAS security functions within each IP/hybrid STB without the need for smart cards.
  • ViewRight® Desktop for PC – A self-contained and highly secure player that turns any broadbandconnected PC into full-function IPTV clients including digital video recording (DVR) capability.
  • ViewRight® STB for DVB – Multi-level client security that can be mixed in the same broadcast network: Software client; secure system-on-chip (SOC) client; and optional smart card-based security.
  • ViewRight® Web – A software-based client for devices supporting HLS, including iOS and Android based tablets and smart phones, smart TVs and other devices.
  • IPTV Retailers – Secure, multi-level content distribution to last-mile service providers, with several options for local content insertion, subscriber management, middleware and VOD asset management.
  • VideoMark™ and StreamMark® (not shown) – Patented technology for user-specific forensic tracking, inserts an invisible yet robust watermark in the video stream, either in the STB prior to output to the rendering device, or in the head-end or CDN/edge device.



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