Huawei HG8110H

1x GE, 1x VoIP

Huawei HG8110H
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Huawei HG8110H
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Opis produktu Huawei HG8110H

The HG8110H is an indoor optical network terminal (ONT) in Huawei FTTH solution. By using the GPON technology, ultra–broadband access is provided for home and SOHO users. The HG8110 provides one POTS port, and one GE/FE auto–adapting Ethernet port. The HG8110 features high–performance forwarding capabilities to ensure excellent experience with VoIP, Internet and HD video services. Therefore, the HG8110 provides a perfect terminal solution and future–oriented service supporting capabilities for FTTH deployment.

GPON features

  • IPV6 supported, dual stack and Ds-Lite
  • Class B+ optical module.
  • Security authentication mode: SN, password or SN+password.
  • Upstream/downstream FEC.
  • GEM port mapping mode: VLAN, 802.1p, VLAN+ 802.1p, IPToS, physical port.

Voice features

  • SIP and H.248 protocols.
  • Media stream and signaling stream separation.

Multicast features

  • IGMP V2&V3 snooping.

Ethernet features

  • VLAN filtering and VLAN transparent transmission.
  • VLAN N:1 aggregation and VLAN 1:1 translation.

Maintenance features

  • Local management using Web and remote management using OMCI.
  • Optical power monitoring.
  • 802.1ag Ethernet OAM.
  • Loop–line test of POTS ports, call emulation.

Reliability features

  • Dual systems for software protection.
  • Type B protection and rogue ONT detection.
  • Lithium battery backup and backup battery monitoring.

Green engery-saving features

  • Dynamic power consumption adjustment.
  • With a backup battery, the guaranteed services can be selected flexibly.

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