Węzeł R-PHY ACCERON 7712 089Y bez RX (30-65 V,PG11)

Modular Acces Platform, 2×4, 4 active RF ports

Węzeł R-PHY ACCERON 7712 089Y bez RX (30-65 V,PG11)
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Węzeł R-PHY ACCERON 7712 089Y bez RX (30-65 V,PG11)
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Opis produktu Węzeł R-PHY ACCERON 7712 089Y bez RX (30-65 V,PG11)

VECTOR TECHNOLOGIES ACCERON is a state-of-the-art compact fiber node, designed for today’s modern HFC Networks and supporting their migration to next generation Distributed Access Architecture (DAA). The future proof design of the platform will allow for future network upgrades and to increase the network capacity according to data traffic growth.

DOCSIS 3.1 compliance, up to 1.2 GHz in the DS / 204 MHz in the US
Open for integration with ANY Remote PHY Device
or Remote MACPHY Device vendor
Up to 2 x 2nd Generation RPD 1x2, supporting DPD or FDX DOCSIS functionalities Life-time prolonging, supporting future implementations
(e.g. 5G, WiFi Access Point)

Possibility to implement the platform as a Remote PHY Node,
Classical HFC Optical Node or Mixed configuration
Modular design – all active components are field replaceable modules
Passive mainboard, prepared for future extension of Downstream and Upstream Robust die-cast housing, supporting heating dissipation up to 140 W

Compact dimensions
Environmental robustness
Multiple installations options: street/pedestal cabinets, wall, pole or strand mounted
Easy to upgrade
Modular power supply, easy to exchange
PSU redundancy mode
PSU status monitoring

Specyfikacja techniczna

Zakres zasilania 30-65V
Typ złącz PG11

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